No more ping-ponging between emails, spreadsheets, and other apps. Homerun brings everything together.

    No more ping-ponging between emails, spreadsheets, and other apps. Homerun brings everything together.

      Connect the best talent with great companies


      The main challenge for a startup is to have enough exceptional talent to keep growing. Most of the resources focus on recruiting the strategic positions that are needed to lead and build the future of the company.

      But, who focuses on hiring the future talents that currently help leaders and support the day-to-day operation of the company?

      At Brains On Demand, we understand the challenges your company faces when it comes to the intricate and time-consuming process of talent acquisition. Our dedicated team is here to alleviate the burden by expertly handling the multifaceted tasks of sourcing the most suitable candidates, meticulously screening their qualifications, and conducting comprehensive interviews. By entrusting us with these essential steps, you can confidently focus your energy and resources on your core business activities, knowing that you’re on the path to acquiring exceptional talent that aligns seamlessly with your company’s vision and goals.

      We specialize in simplifying the talent acquisition process for companies like yours. Our dedicated team is ready to take on the multifaceted tasks involved, from creating and posting job descriptions on various platforms to conducting comprehensive interviews.


      Focus your resources on finding the greatest minds in the industry

      How we do it

      • 01 We have a 15 minute chat to get to know your needs and details of the position you’re looking to fill.
      • 02 We take the wheel and start searching for the right talent for your company.
      • 03 After making evaluations and interviews from we introduce you the top candidates for you to interview.
      • 04 Select the best candidate and start working with them.

      Our value

      • Meticulous evaluation of candidates.
      • We look for candidates with your company culture and values.
      • Competitive pricing.

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