No more ping-ponging between emails, spreadsheets, and other apps. Homerun brings everything together.

    No more ping-ponging between emails, spreadsheets, and other apps. Homerun brings everything together.

      Focus your resources on the most critical positions

      Hire great young talent quickly and with the flexibility that your operations require.

      How does it work?

      No more job fairs. No more time wasted on pointless interviews or with candidates that quit in a short time. Hire great talent in less than 2 weeks!

      1. Choose the position you’re looking for

      Pick from our pre-screened list of positions.

      2. Tell us about the position and its challenges

      Is there any special skill that you require or that you would like your talent to have? How’s the culture where the talent will work? The more information we get, the better match we can profile for your company.

      3. Interview the candidates with the best profiles

      We present you our evaluations and the most relevant candidates for the position. You choose who to interview.

      4. A great talent joins your team

      Once you pick a candidate, they can join your team and start working immediately.

      Benefits for your company

      Find highly qualified talent from the best universities in Latin America

      A fast process that allows you to hire your candidates quickly

      No hidden fees – just one monthly payment

      Talent with bilingual capabilities

      Diversify your workforce and increase your productivity

      No more headaches – we take care of HR procedures, payroll, taxes, invoicing, etc.

      Save time on pre-screening candidates

      We do constant scouting on the top universities in Latin America to have talents available at your need, saving time in the recruiting process .

      Your same company culture

      A great team requires a great culture. We ensure that your candidate is aligned with your business’s culture, helping them to deliver stronger results on the long term.

      Less employee rotation

      The international experience and the “working from anyplace” allows our candidates to have professional growth and a better balance between work and lifestyle, which translates into less rotation for our customers.

      Candidates dedicated a 100% to your company

      Unlike other services, the candidate that you choose will be dedicated 100% to your business in the schedule that you require.

      No added infrastructure cost

      The candidates work remotely from a home office environment, so there is no need to spend money on more work spaces in your office.

      Your same time zone

      Our candidates work in our client’s time zone allowing both parties to create better communication and be more efficient.

      International great talent

      Our candidates are the best of their class and many have international experience in top level universities such as New York University, University of Texas, University of California Berkeley, Yale School of Management, Boston University, etc.

      Some positions we work with


      Administrative Assistant

      Accounting Assistant

      Swiss Army Knife

      Finance Assistant

      Sales Assistant

      Marketing & Design

      Marketing Assistant

      Design Specialist

      Marketing Account Coordinator

      Marketing Project Coordinator

      Social Media Specialist